GameLoop 2016

Saturday, August 27th

Cambridge, MA

Tickets On Sale Soon!

GameLoop is an annual unconference that brings together game developers of all stripes to talk about what we do. If you make games (or study them, or critique them), we encourage you to come. Things you might do at GameLoop include:

Pitch a session

We depend on attendees to pitch sessions! We've had sessions about ethics in rulesets, distributed version control, dealing with mental health issues as a game dev, iPhone shaders, indie marketing, illusionary gameplay, prototyping, outsider games, asymmetric multiplayer, romance, and more.

The way pitching works is we take suggestions for sessions, and we put them up on a board. Every attendee gets to vote with little stickers on the sessions they'd like to see. If a session gets tons of votes, or if Scott and Darius think it would balance out the schedule, then the session is accepted. Don't worry about it if you've never given a talk before. If you really want to talk about something, you can pitch the session and if enough people want to attend, everyone else can talk about it!

Participate in a session

Sure, you could show up to a session and just listen. But at GameLoop we encourage you to speak up: ask questions and propose answers. We care about dialogue here. So when you go to a session: speak up.

Hang out and chat

We're fortunate to have the incredible facilities at Microsoft New England at our disposal. If you're tired of sessions, there's a beautiful balcony and tons of indoor lounge space that you can make your own to just spend some quality time with your fellow devs, or show off a demo, or whatever you like.

GameLoop is dedicated to providing a harassment-free conference experience for everyone, regardless of gender, sexual orientation, disability, physical appearance, body size, race, or religion. By purchasing a ticket to GameLoop, you agree to abide by our Anti-Harassment Policy.